WWE Tough Enough Winner Matt Cappotelli Given 5 Years to Live

WWE Tough Enough 3 winner Matt Cappotelli had surgery this past June to remove 90% of a brain tumor. It was his second surgery of the kind, but unfortunately, the Louisville, Kentucky native still has plenty of fighting to do.

TMZ Sports is reporting that the 38-year old's remaining cancer is considered to be terminal. Despite having nearly all of the brain tumor removed, the 10% that remains is too close to his brain stem for operation. Doctors have declared that in similar situations, patients rarely live for 5 more years.

In an effort combat the diagnosis, Mat is wearing a special cap for 18-hours a day that suppose to impede the division of cancer cells.

Alongside John Morrison, Cappotelli won the third season of Tough Enough in 2003. He drew a ton of interest from fans when he was concussed and bloodied during a stiff match with Tough Enough trainer, Hardcore Holly. Cappotelli made a few WWE appearances on Raw and Heat after winning the competition before heading down to OVW (which is now NXT) to develop his skills.

On November 9 at an OVW television taping, Cappotelli captured the OVW Heavyweight Championship by defeating his former tag team partner, Johnny Jeter. WWE was planning to bring Cappotelli up into the main roster, but he was diagnosed with a grade 2/3 astrocytoma in December 2005. In early 2006, he announced the brain tumor was indeed cancerous and surrendered the title to OVW owner Danny Davis during an emotional speech at a television taping in Louisville, Kentucky.WWE's official website later posted an article, which included Cappotelli releasing a statement on his condition.


We will keep you posted on Cappotelli's condition. We wish the best to Matt and his family.