John Cena's Dad Once Talked Sasha Banks out of Quitting Professional Wrestling

The road to WWE for a young wrestler can't be easy. Trading in a conventional life for bad travel, poor pay, and plenty of physical discomforts allows plenty of room for second-guessing one's career path. This and the pressure to perform may have been too much for a young Sasha Banks.

However, a wrestling guardian angel intervened. On an appearance with Boston Wrestling Sports, John Cena Sr. told a story about how he convinced a frustrated Sasha Banks to keep wrestling.

"And believe me I think the world of this young lady, I did some indie work with her. I was in Webster doing a show with her and she was gonna kinda quit pro wrestling and I said don't do it, there's a lot behind you, you've got a lot to offer and then next thing I know she's in the WWE. She's an outstanding athlete and she has a good feel for this business."

Perhaps the phrase "Never Give Up" was uttered before every meal at the Cena household because of it' clearly pervasive philosophy in their family. While Cena Sr. is good at playing the supportive father figure, he also has ties to wrestling. The father of the 16-time WWE Champion has web involved in several independent wrestling promotions particular in the Boston area. Seeing that Banks hails from a similar neighborhood, it's not hard to assume that Banks and Cena Sr. were at least familiar.

It's a good thing Banks didn't quit that day. The 4-time RAW Women's Champion is arguably the most talented female wrestler in WWE history. Even further, she seems like she's dedicated to becoming the best.

However, Banks may be in for another frustrating time.

Right now, Banks is caught in the Bray Wyatt Effect. Like Wyatt, Banks is popular with the fans, respected by her peers, and represents a future priority in WWE. Yet despite all of this promise, the company, for whatever reason, is not ready to run with either Superstar.

Banks will have her time at WWE's top. In fact, she could go down as the greatest women's wrestlers of all time, but she's going to have to be patient for the next 6 months or so. WWE seems intent on aggressively booking Asuka on her return from injury. this moves banks one step further from the RAw Women's Championship. Even more, the potential arrival of Ronda Rousey could drastically change WWE's women's division.




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