John Cena Teaches Conan Audience John Cena Sucks

john cena conan
(Photo: TBS)

John Cena might be one of the most polarizing WWE superstars of all time. Young fans cheer him, while the older crowd chant back at him, even gave words to the instrumental part of his theme song.

But the thing is, Cena has embraced it. From being a fan favorite to 2005, to slowly getting booed starting around 2006, Cena has taken the hate from the WWE audiences and doesn't let it affect him as much. He considers it a reaction and their right to boo and cheer for whomever. Cena made a recent stop over at Conan to talk about WrestleMania and how he deals with that sort of reaction.

"You like it when a crowd turns on you," said Conan O'Brien, but Cena corrected him on what he feeds off on.

"Well, I like it when they're excited. You have a live audience and it's fun. But when they're like this," insinuating the quietness of Conan's audience, "it's not so much fun."

Conan mentioned that WWE crowds sing along to his theme song that "John Cena Sucks". "It's quite liberating," Cena replied. Check out the clip below as he teaches the audience on how to sing "John Cena Sucks".


"I want to hire a gospel choir to do it," said O'Brien afterwards.

It's great to see Cena take what could have been a negative feeling and turn it into basically a running joke. With a recent cameo at WrestleMania could a full-time return be far behind and if so, will the "John Cena Sucks" chants remain?