John Cena Reportedly Booked for Championship Match at Christmas Edition of RAW

As we reported earlier, John Cena will end his WWE hiatus on the Christmas Day edition of RAW. However, instead of the Christmas spirit, the 16-time WWE Champion may be bringing a sack full of revenge.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that there's current speculation within WWE that John Cena is slated to challenge Roman Reigns for his Intercontinental Championship at the December 25th episode of RAW. While this is to be considered merely a rumor, it's certainly one that would appeal to WWE.

This would be the sequel to Reigns and Cena's high profile match from September's No Mercy. While that contest was still fun, most fans felt like WWE was diluting its potency by relegating it to a smaller pay-per-view. That's impossible to quantify, but the build-up for their match ended up to outshine the actual contest as Reign and Cena made numerous attempts to discredit one another on a personal and professional level.

A rematch, especially one for Intercontinental gold, would be quite intriguing. Seeing that WWE is airing RAW live on Christmas day, they'll need to incentivize fans to tune in rather than playing with their freshly unwrapped presents. Reigns vs. Cena would be their most tantalizing carrot.


If this match does indeed happen, it's conceivable that Cena closes Christmas as Intercontinental Championship. As soon as January arrives, it will officially be WrestleMania season, and at this moment, Reigns already has New Orleans dancing partner in Brock Lesnar. It's hard to imagine Reigns carrying the IC title into Mania which means his reign is officially terminal.

So while we can expect Reigns to lose his belt, it's impossible to know where and when that happens. However, on Christmas day John Cena poses the first real threat to Reigns' championship.