John Cena 'Would Love' to Wrestle in NXT

Instead of chasing WWE Championships, recent years saw John Cena use high profile losses to the [...]

Instead of chasing WWE Championships, recent years saw John Cena use high profile losses to the likes of Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, and AJ Styles to increase the overall health fo WWE. And he may want to do something similar in NXT.

In a Q&A Session at MegaCon in Orlando, the 16-time World Champion was asked if he'd ever want to perform in NXT.

"I would love to be on the television show. I've been around the Raw and SmackDown Superstars for a long time and I recently went to the WWE Performance Center and spoke to the NXT Superstars for over six hours in a forum like this to answer their questions. I was so inspired by how hard they work and how hungry they are that it made me want to perform with them. So, I hope one day that I actually perform on an NXT television show."

A Cena cameo in NXT would be the biggest happening in the Yellow Brand's history. A few Superstars like The Revival and Tyler Breeze have popped in for a 2-hour guest appearance, but John Cena's involvement would be its own spectacle.

Cena seems to be sincere about this, making his NXT debut a real possibility. While Cena takes this breaks from WWE, he has always been adamant about wanting to always be available to help. Even when he's not in the ring, he's still expanding WWE's brand—surely his Today Show co-hosting have converted some middle-aged women, right? Ths point is, John Cena doesn't hesitate to take pro-WWE opportunities. Given NXT could one day be on network television, Big Match John may be asked to lend his talents one Wednesday night.

With Fox and WWE's blockbuster move still reverberating, it's fun to conjure guesses at Vince McMahon's next big splash. There have been rumors the 72-year old tycoon may sell WWE altogether, but more realistic speculation points at WWE sending the occasional pay-per-view to broadcast TV or promoting to NXT to a real-life TV show.

And employing the services of John Cena would be a great way to inflate the first ever live episode on NXT on the USA Network.

Really, any use of Cena in NXT would be noteworthy. With a rich pool of talent to work with, Cena's potential menu is quite tantalizing. Envisioning Cena vs. Velveteen Dream or Aleister Black, or even Lars Sullivan already has us salivating.

But don't expect to see Cena in NXT—or WWE—for the near future. He's booked up with this ever-growing Hollywood resumé and likely will not be back until SummerSlam season.

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