Watch: John Cena Plays Iconic 90's Song on the Piano

By now, we should know better than to underestimate John Cena. The 16-time WWE Champion has enjoyed an evolution that has seen him accomplish anything he's tried. And that includes covering 90's grunge music on the piano.

As the hidden reward for their Youtube channel reaching 900,000 subscribers, Nikki and Brie Bella gave the world a musical treat. Their thank you video featured a wordless John Cena playing the Pixies' top hit "Where is My Mind?"

While Cena never actually sang a note, he performed the song with shocking accuracy. Not that we doubted his ability, we just had no idea John Cena actually played the piano. Regardless, this is great. Maybe next time he can F-5 James Ellsworth through the piano after cranking out a Nirvana jam.

Cena's hidden talent made it back to Vince McMahon who had to tweet his adulation for his top employee.


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