Like Many, John Cena's Most Embarrassing Memory Involves Poop

In nearly 2 decades of being a wrestler, the law of averages says John Cena has endured plenty of moments he'd prefer to forget. But only one of them includes filling his tights with feces.

In an interview with SportBible Cena told a tale that none of us will ever forget. Before Cena became WWE's jort-wearing version of Jesus, he was a fluorescent tight rocking bodybuilder who happened to be an aspiring wrestle. However, Cena may have just revealed why he switched spandex for denim.

"The most embarrassing thing is when I performed with food poisoning. I happened to not be wearing my denim shorts, this was way back in the days of yore and believe it or not, I was wearing Halloween orange spandex trunks. At the end of the contest, the orange had turned into an unflattering Autumn brown," illustrated the 16-time WWE Champion.

For Cena, this is the pinnacle of embarrassment in his sport. Luckily he didn't do it at WrestleMania. However we can't be too hard on Cena, he was sick, after all.

"Another wrestling nightmare would be to have your music play and you're not ready to go out, but I would much rather arrive late but dressed for the occasion than pooping yourself and vomiting during a performance," reasoned Cena.


To many, being a professional wrestler is inherently embarrassing. The fake, mostly naked fighting mixed with clunky monologues is cringeworthy enough to vicariously mortify chunks of America. However, the perceived shame of being a wrestler exponentially exacerbates when a mistake is made. Especially if it involves excrement.