Jeff Hardy's Band Plays RAW After-Party in Nashville

Elias Sampson wasn't the only WWE talent who broke out a six-string when WWE RAW came to Nashville last night. Though "The Drifter" definitely made his presence known in the music city when he smashed his acoustic guitar over Finn Balor's head, borrowing a move from hometown hero Jeff Jarrett's playbook.

Following a brutal tag match against The Revival on last night's RAW, Jeff Hardy recovered in a local honky-tonk where the Team Extreme member's band, PeroxWhy?Gen, played a CD release after party to an energetic crowd of fans.

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Several other WWE Superstars were spotted in attendance, including Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James, Alicia Fox, and Emma. Even "Country Strong" Braun Strowman was present— but don't expect him to break kayfabe with any display of fandom on Twitter, as Sasha Banks did below:

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Jeff Hardy recently made headlines for debuting new face paint recent WWE Live event house shows, which some say resembles that of his Charismatic Enigma days in TNA. Many saw this as yet another tease of the Hardyz possibly breaking up in the near future, or reverting to the Broken personas they remain embroiled in battled with Jeff Jarret and Ed Norholm's GFW (formerly TNA/Impact Wrestling) over.

No one knows exactly when The Hardyz will undergo any major change or development in WWE storyline. For now, their program with the Revival just seems to be heating up, and could likely carry on through SummerSlam.

You can sample or buy Jeff Hardy's band, PeroxWhy?Gen's new album "Precession of the Equinoxes" or download lead single "Spawn of Me" as well as other art and merch at Hardy's website, here.