Five Injured WWE Superstars Reportedly Cleared to Make Return

A handful of WWE Superstars have reportedly recovered from their respective injuries and may be available for Sunday’s WrestleMania 34.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jeff Hardy, Big Cass, Samoa Joe, Big Show and Drew McIntyre are all ready to make their in-ring return. With that established the next question is when that will happen.

Jeff Hardy had a torn rotator cuff and labrum repaired last fall and has been working out at WWE’s Performance Center since March. Hardy is ready, but WWE may not have a spot for him at WrestleMania. It was originally believed he’d join forces with his eccentric brother, Woken Matt Hardy, but that may be out of the question. If Jeff does show up at ‘Mania, it will be in one of two places: Braun Strowman’s mystery tag partner or a surprise entry into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Big Cass is ready to bounce back from a 2017 knee surgery. Before his setback, it looked like WWE was ready to stab the rocket boosters to the big man and now that he’s healthy, WWE will likely fold him into the upper mid-card. Outside of a Battle Royal cameo, consider his WrestleMania usage doubtful.

Samoa Joe may be a different story. WWE has already shown they see Joe as the main event heel. Now that he’s back from a January foot injury, the Samoan Submission Machin could show up in a number of sports on Sunday. However, he’s rumored to be Roman Reigns’ first Universal Championship opponent so he may not show his face until Monday’s blockbuster episode of RAW.

However, there’s a great chance we see Big Show on Sunday. He’s a natural fit for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, but there’s a swelling sentiment that has him appearing as Braun Strowman’s mystery tag team partner.


McIntyre was in the middle of a WWE renaissance when he tore his bicep. As one of NXT’s top stars, look for him to resume an enviable spot atop the Yellow Brand.

All of these names, minus McIntyre have an at least a reasonable chance at appearing at the Superdome. However, if we had to promise one WrestleMania return, we'd have to bet on the Big Show stomping down the ramp and choke slamming a few poor souls.