Jeff Hardy Brings Back Face Paint in Epic Fashion on SmackDown Live

For the first time since his return to WWE last year, Jeff Hardy has brought out the face paint.

During a backstage segment on SmackDown this week, Hardy spoke throughout with his back to the camera. He addresses his match with Shinsuke Nakamura on last week's SmackDown. Though he noted that Nakamura lost to Styles at Money in the Bank, saying that Styles is now done with him, Hardy noted he isn't done with Nakamura.

Jeff said that he has a memory that doesn't allow him to forget. He said that the knee to the face from Nakamura's Kinshasa had unexpected consequences. He said it shattered his soul and made him more focused. Finally, he slowly turned around to reveal he was wearing facepaint, noting that his eyes are now open and that "I see you."

Nakamura was asked by Renee Young later on his reaction to Hardy's comments during another backstage segment. After first reacting with "who?" Nakamura said that even if Hardy's are now open, if he crosses his path again he will close those eyes.

Last year when he returned to WWE, Hardy noted that Vince McMahon had asked him to not use the face paint on television just yet. Hardy said he had permission to use it at house shows but had held off. During an appearance at Wizard World, he sarcastically blamed Finn Balor's look for his face paint's absence.


Fans across Twitter reacted with excitement due to seeing Hardy bring back his old look.