Chris Jericho Teases WWE Retirement

Is Chris Jericho ready to hang up his wrestling boots for good? In an interview with the Associated Press, Jericho hinted at permanent retirement from WWE or at least from in-ring competition.

''It'll be a long time before I go back,'' Jericho said. ''If I ever do go back, if I never go back, it's fine. If I never wrestle another match, it wouldn't bother me.''

It's worth remembering that in professional wrestling it's hard to take any quote too seriously. However, Jericho just finished one of his most impressive runs yet and ending on such a note could be an appealing swan song. Perhaps this is it for Y2J.

During his final stretch with Kevin Owens, it was clear that Jericho was thoroughly enjoying himself. For the year of 2016, no one experienced a more intimate and rich relationship with WWE's live audience. In short, he was definitely drinking it in, man. This ludicrous closing chapter would be a fitting end to his illustrious career. Couple that with his band's, Fozzy, success along with his popular podcast and we see that the retired life could be quite good for the Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla.

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At 46 years old, Jericho is certainly approaching an age of understandable retirement. Honestly, there's not much left for him to accomplish. Y2J has contributed 27 years to the sport en route to becoming a sure-fire Hall of Famer. In a career stocked with championships, cutting sarcasm and hilarious catchphrases, one could make the argument that Jericho belongs in the lauded and ever subjective Top 10 class of wrestlers.

Jericho's latest statement runs counter to grumblings around the wrestling world that he would return later this year. At this point, WWE doesn't need Chris Jericho, nor does he need WWE. From this vantage point, we can assume that WWE holds an open door policy with Jericho, knowing that he is always a welcome addition to any portion of the card. Who knows, maybe he returns to anchor the sinking 205 Live or comes back to put over one more budding superstar.


Regardless, if this is it for Y2J, he's had a phenomenal run; one that every wrestling fan has enjoyed at one point or another. Few knew how to connect (or needle) the crowd quite like him and his presence will be sorely missed. But then again, he could be back next week. Either way, we all win. Enjoy civilian life, Y2J.

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