Latest Rumors on Hulk Hogan's WWE Return

According to the Wrestling Observer, Hulk Hogan is reportedly in talks with Vince McMahon for a possible return to the WWE in the near future- although no official statement or corroborations to this story have been made by any other sources.

Hogan was released from the company in 2015 (and nearly all mention of him scrubbed from its website and network programming), following the scandal revolving around racist remarks made in a leaked sex tape.

But with the resulting headline-grabbing lawsuit against Gawker now over, rumors have circulated about how soon we'd see the Hall of Famer return to the WWE. Hogan won damages to the tune of $115 Million as a result of that lawsuit, with Gawker settling for $31 Million and subsequently shutting down in late 2016.

Now that the dust has settled from that scandal, WWE has been slowly reinstating references to Hulk Hogan in their programming and allowing occasional mentions of his name on commentary, fueling rumors that his return being a distinct possibility.

Many fans expected that return at WrestleMania 33, which took place in Hogan's stomping ground of Orlando, FL. But the timing couldn't have proved worse, as the company found itself in reputation damage-control in the week leading up to that event, following another sex scandal- this time with former Diva's Champion and Total Divas star Paige the victim of photo hacking.

But following the successful returns of WWE Legends like Goldberg, Kurt Angle, and the Hardy Boyz, and an increasing amount of current talent out due to injury, the likelihood of an eventual Hulkamania return seems to be improving.

Athough Hogan has recently expressed as much interest in joining the New Japan Pro Wrestling's Bullet Club stable, and only expressed interest in returning to the WWE to personally deliver his signature "leg-drop" on Vince McMahon, some speculate on the fact that his "Hogan's beach shop" in Orlando has been stocking WWE merchandise as another sign of improved relations with the company.


Additionally, Hulk Hogan hasn't spent his time away from the WWE performing on the independent circuit, unlike many of his peers. If the rumors of recent negotiations do hold any truth, Vince McMahon would have to be willing to bury the axe and move past a major scandal. But the nostalgia payoff of a well-executed Hulkamania return would certainly be great for business- as long as the timing is right.