Goldberg's Undefeated Streak Record Has Fallen

If a record breaks in the woods and no one is around to acknowledge it, does it make a sound? We [...]

If a record breaks in the woods and no one is around to acknowledge it, does it make a sound?

We find ourselves asking that question today as Goldberg's legendary record win streak has been a non-televised house show in Dade City, Florida, nonetheless. .

For more than a year in the late 90s, Goldberg didn't lose a single match in WCW. According to the company, his streak stretched to 173 wins and 0 losses before falling to Kevin Nash–with help from Scott Hall and a taser–at Starrcade 1998.

With a win over Bianca Blair, NXT Women's Champion, Asuka, one-upped the WCW Icon when she stretched her undefeated record to a staggering 174-0.

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Since her October 2015 debut in NXT, Asuka, has become the most dominant performer to ever come through WWE developmental. She broke Paige's inaugural title reign of 308 days to become the longest reigning NXT Champion in history.

According to many, Goldberg's historic "173" without a loss in WCW was a bit inflated. The actual number is reportedly somewhere close to a, still impressive, 157 straight wins without a loss.

Goldberg Asuka

Ironically, the opposite is likely to happen with Asuka. If you check her page, you can track every single one of the victories she has amassed since entering the WWE. However, WWE's lack of mentioning the streak could signal one of two things.

Either A. They'll add more drama to breaking the streak by mentioning it closer to a big pay per view or her main roster debut or B. They simply aren't paying attention and will ignore it all together.

Asuka will get a chance to defend her title and streak again this Saturday at NXT Takeover: Chicago in a triple threat match against Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross. Losing her belt yet not getting pinned could be an interesting way for WWE to end her win streak, yet keep the allure of "she's never been pinned or tapped out" going until she debuts on the main roster.

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What a wrestling win streak ultimately means is that higher ups believe a performer is so over with fans that they can't afford to take a loss.

Asuka has been as hot as they come for NXT over the last year and a half. We only hope she's treated with the same revelry when she eventually finds her way onto the Raw or SmackDown roster.