Goldberg Comments On Asuka Breaking His Streak

We can finally pop the champagne corks! There's a new holder of 'the streak.' Both Goldberg and [...]

We can finally pop the champagne corks! There's a new holder of "the streak."

Both Goldberg and Asuka have now both acknowledged that there is a new holder of the longest streak in (modern) pro wrestling.

Goldberg's legendary 173 win streak was broken last week at an NXT house show. Neither WWE or Asuka ever acknowledged it. There was still no word when her run continued and hit 177 matches after she pinned Nikki Cross & Ruby Riot this past Saturday at TakeOver: Chicago.

For weeks we've been wondering if WWE even realized Asuka had broken the record or if they just didn't want us to know about it.

While WWE hasn't made a statement on the matter themselves, we'll take Golberg's congratulations as all the proof we need.

For more than a year in the late 90s, Goldberg didn't lose a single match in WCW. According to the company, his streak stretched to 173 wins and 0 losses before falling to Kevin Nash–with help from Scott Hall and a taser–at Starrcade 1998.

Since her October 2015 debut in NXT, Asuka, has become the most dominant performer to ever come through WWE developmental. She broke Paige's inaugural title reign of 308 days to become the longest reigning NXT Champion in history.

According to many, Goldberg's historic "173" without a loss in WCW was a bit inflated. The actual number is reportedly somewhere close to a, still impressive, 157 straight wins without a loss.

No one will ever argue that Asuka's streak had the same hype and credibility as Goldberg's, but the fact that WWE has given her this many wins goes to show how much faith they have in her.