Former WWE Superstar Gene Snitsky Debuts New Look With Massive Beard

During his run in WWE from 2004-08, Gene Snitsky was known for his bad teeth, his massive height and his cringe-worthy feud with Kane and Lita that involved punting a fake baby.

The former monster hasn't been seen on televised wrestling since a brief stint with Impact Wrestling back in 2014, but he resurfaced on social media this week with a new, impressive look.

Snitsky posted the photo on Twitter as a response to a tweet from Stephanie McMahon, who was at ringside posing with Rusev. Wrestling fans on social media took one look at the new and improved Snitsky and instantly compared him to Braun Strowman.


Will we ever see Snitsky back in WWE? Could his new look get fans excited for a match with "The Monster Among Men?" Only time will tell.