Baron Corbin Gets Clapped on Twitter by WWE Superstars

It's been well documented that Baron Corbin has a bit of a "meh" reputation with his WWE peers. That hasn't stopped him from having one of the best 2017's in the company, though. On track to becoming one of the top heels in the company, it's important that Corbin constantly hones his bully skills.

And there's no better place to bully than Twitter. Mr. Money in the Bank recently sparked a little Twitter feud with Mojo Rawley.

What transpired, was Corbin getting tagged teamed by Rawley and Finn Balor. The trading of insults may have sent the Lone Wolf off to lick his emotional wounds:

Corbin wanted to poke a little fun at Finn Balor. He may not have expected Finn's counter punch:

This is just fun. Twitter is the perfect place to watch wrestlers interact because they are rarely polite. Don't worry about Corbin and his feelings though - he'll be fine. It's all but confirmed that he's booked for SummerSlam match with the face of WWE, John Cena.


For Corbin, a feud with Cena puts him under the brightest lights yet and makes another plot point in his rise. As the Current Mr. Money in the Bank, Corbin has been pegged by WWE officials as some one of future importance.

The 16x time champion, Cena, finds himself in an odd place. We've been reporting that he will be leaving SmackDown for RAW the day after SummerSlam. WWE wants him on their Monday Night flag ship to help win the rating battle against Monday Night Football. With that said, can we expect him to win at SummerSlam? While he is entering the event as a lame duck doesn't help his odds, smart money says he'll still beat Corbin as Corbin may still choose to cash in his contract on either the RAW or SmackDown Champion.