Enzo Amore's Driver's License Signature Proves He's an Idiot

Enzo Amore is prone to rubbing people the wrong way. However, he's now irritated the state of Delaware.

Despite being Cruiserweight Champion and a C-list celebrity, Enzo Amore is not exempt from dealing with the minutia of state institutions. Specifically, Delaware has been badgering Amore to come into the Department of Motor Vehicles and change the signature on his driver's license. But Enzo says his John Hancock is fine, and the state can't tell him how he can or can't write his own name. Amore's real name is Eric Arndt, but that's not exactly how his signature reads. You be the judge WWE, Universe:

Every signature is different and subject to one's penmanship, but this looks like very much a penis, but maybe that's just us.

However, Enzo swears this is how he writes his name, in fact, he's been doing it for years.


Best of luck to Enzo and his fight for freedom!