Internet Reacts to Enzo Amore Denying Sexual Assault Claims

On Tuesday evening, Enzo Amore broke his silence after being accused of raping Philomena Sheahan in October 2017. The former WWE Superstar unequivocally denied the allegations in a statement he posted to Twitter. Naturally, the internet had plenty to say.

Monday afternoon, Shehan released a barrage of tweets detailing an account claiming Enzo Amore, aided by tow accomplices raped her in a Phonix hotel room last fall. Amid the subsequent investigation by Phoenix authorizes, WWE suspended then fired, Amore. However, Enzo is fighting back, and his quest for innocence has garnered support.

This final tweet is worth expanding upon. Sam Cook, a YouTuber who has known Amore's accuser, Philomena Sheahan, for multiple years is ready to dismiss her claims that Enzo raped her in October of 2017. Using text message receipts from mutual friends who have been in contact with Sheahan, Cook has evidence that runs counter to the alleged rape.

The smoking gun in Cook's citizen trial is a text sent by Sheahan bragging about sleeping with a "famous wrestler." This not only carries connotations of consensual sex but by Sheahan glorifying the experience, Enzo's denial gets some validation.

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Cook would continue to assert that behavior like this from Sheahan is not surprising, as she has a history of being unreliable.

"What she's saying is not true. And it's very odd that of all people that this happened to that she randomly gets to be on f—ng TMZ and Forbes magazine writes an article I mean this is so f—ing insane...She's not a credible person..She's just not an honest person," he said.

Cook would go on to postulate that Shehan concocted the story in an effort to cover up a drug relapse.


This story gets more convoluted by the hour. But Cooks account and text message receipt it the first real corroboration of Amore's innocence. At this point, it appears that Enzo and Shehan did have a sexual encounter in October. But now the question is if it was consensual or not.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.