Edge on Luke Harper: 'He Could Do So Much'

Even with two live television shows a week, a significant number of WWE Superstars never make it to camera. It's odd that in 5 hours of programming that so much talent gets neglected. However, perhaps none have more unjustifiably ignored more than Luke Harper.

In a recent episode of E&C Pod of Awesomeness, former WWE Superstar Edge had glowing comments on the former Wyatt Family muscle.

"I am such a huge Harper fan, I think he is so under utilized and I don't know if under appreciated, probably not, I just think he could do so much, like when I first saw him I was like there's a guy who works Taker at Mania," he said.

Even further, Edge thinks that Harper has done a great job in shaping his WWE character.

"He's so good at what he does and the presentation of the character and I see him and I believe, and let's say I get a bunch of people over and I say hey, let's watch some wrestling and they don't usually watch, they would see that dude and say oh yeah he's off and believe what he's presenting but then he wrestles like that and he can have a ladder match with Dolph Ziggler where you're like what the hell just happened?... he's so good, so good," he added.

Not long ago, Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, sang Harper's praises, calling him the most under-utilized wrestler on the Tuesday night show. At this point, the sentiment may not be debatable.

Earlier this year, Harper found himself thoroughly embedded in the Wrestlemania mix. Embroiled in a feud with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, it looked like Harper was going to get a shot at the WWE Championship through a triple threat match at WrestleMania 33. However, his rise came to an abrupt halt and oddly we haven't really seen him since.


Harper has been implicated in multiple rumors. For instance, there's word going around that he and Erick Rowan are being repackaged together as a tag team and that they are behind the assault of Breezango. However, other than these grumblings, we haven't heard a peep from Harper, let alone seen him on television.

His absence is a strange one, but hopefully, WWE can make up for lost time and give him something significant to do up his return.