Drew McIntyre Gets Brutally Honest About WWE's Locker Room

Anyone who watches WWE understands that the product is prone to lulls. However, Drew McIntyre thinks that this grogginess is part of a much bigger problem.

McIntyre joined WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on the Ross Report and vented about the current locker room culture.

"I understand that RAW is the best show in the world. It's the best product in the world today as evidenced by the TV deals we're getting and the consistent ratings. We have the best talent. But also, we have five hours with SmackDown every week. And as goof as a lot of it is, there is a lot of filler in there and a lot of guys just sitting around," he said.

Without question, WWE produces more content than ever. But, as we all know, quantity doesn't always manifest quality and McIntyre believe there's a large discrepancy that needs addressing.

"They just don't have the passion. It's as simple as that. I can say it because I was that guy before I got released. I was that guy at some point. I wasn't confident. I wasn't pushing myself to get to the top. I wasn't bettering myself in the gym. I wasn't pitching stories. I wasn't trying to be a better performer," recalled McIntyre.

WWE released McIntyre in 2014 after an uninspiring run with the company. Clearly, the 33-year has a new perspective on things but sees too many of his peers carrying is old flaws.

"I think that a lot of people forget they're in WWE and get complacent. It makes me sick because [Ross has] seen the independent scene right now. [Ross] know[s] how much talent is out there. I was NXT Champion. I know how much talent is there. They've got the fire in their eyes. They're ready to take those spots and I'm there to make sure Monday Night RAW is all killer. We don't need any filler anymore. It all trickles down from the top, like, the whole industry. Monday Night RAW needs to be killer from top to bottom. And right now, there is room for improvement and I'm there to be the wakeup call that it needs," he said.

It's worth noting that McIntyre has channeled The Abrasive Veteran archetype since his promotion to the main roster. However, while some of this is inherently schtick, it sounds like McIntyre is being relatively genuine.

One of the biggest grumbling made by older wrestlers is that this generation of WWE Superstars lacks the urgency to be excellent. Instead, legends have argued that many of the wrestlers are simply happy to be there [WWE] and that philosophy leads to a safe yet boring product.

There is an undeniable element of lethargy to today's WWE, but right now, there isn't much to push Vince McMahon and his wrestling conglomerate. But it appears that Drew McIntyre is looking to summon a rally from behind WWE's curtain.


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