WWE Provides Update on Dean Ambrose's Surgery

Dean Ambrose is officially on the road to recovery, now that he had successful surgery Tuesday night to repair a torn triceps tendon. However, did it cost him his road to WrestleMania?

WWE.com released an update on the Lunatic Fringe's status, and by all indicators, the 40-minute operation was a success. Here's the scoop from WWE themselves:

"He tore some of the distal triceps tendon where it attaches to the forearm bone, called the olecranon," Dr. Dugas told WWE.com. "He basically tore about 50 percent of the triceps tendon away from the bone. So yesterday we repaired that back down to the bone where it tore off of. The surgery was very straightforward; we removed all of the extra bursal tissue — all of that extra swollen stuff around his elbow."

Dugas added that Ambrose has begun physical therapy, starting with light range-of-motion exercises, and is expecting to leave Birmingham later today.

It is unknown at this time how long Ambrose will be out of action.


A quick trip down Google will tell you that Ambrose will likely miss between 4-6 months, effectively killing his WrestleMania aspirations. However given that we only know what WWE has told us, there is likely an abundance of details that we simply are not privy to.

So for now, let's wish Dean a speedy recovery. Given his history of consistent grit, he's likely willing to try anything to make it back for 'Mania. We'll keep you posted as this story develops.