Dean Ambrose Reportedly Suffering From Elbow Injury

The 2017 reunion of The Shield is not without blemish as the Hounds of Justice have had to endure not just the absence of Roman Reigns, but a lack of significant creative direction. And now, it looks like they're going to be down another man.

According to PWInsider, Dean Ambrose is suffering from an unspecified elbow issue. He's set to travel to Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday to see WWE's team or orthopedic doctors to get an official diagnosis. This is why his Samoa Joe made Ambrose's elbow a focal point of abuse, that way, Dean's unnamed injury can appear to be part of a storyline.

At this moment, there are no details on the severity of Ambrose's injury.

The timing of Ambrose's injury could be far worse, as there's still plenty of time between now and WrestleMania. However, if the Lunatic Fringe needs surgery, that would change this optimistic narrative drastically.

Given that the Shield is such an integral part of WWE, Vince McMahon and Co. likely have big plans for the trio once WrestleMania season officially arrives. While all signs point to Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar in New Orleans, the current rumor is for Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to square off after a high profile betrayal. Seeing that Rollins has already switched from heel to face, it's likely that Dean Ambrose is set for a big heel turn. While this is still speculative, the fact that WWE has significant WrestleMania plans for Ambrose is not.


There is a chance that Ambrose will be able to work through his injury has he already has established himself as one of the more dependable employees in the company. In 2016, Ambrose wrestled 204 matches, which made for nearly 10 percent more than anyone else on WWE's roster.

We will keep you posted as this situation develops.