Daniel Bryan Gives Update on Possible Return to the Ring

Daniel Bryan continues to seek treatment and work toward a return to action in the ring. The question remains: will that eventually happen in the WWE or elsewhere?

Bryan spoke about his continued push to be cleared by WWE doctors for a return to action in an interview with Peter Rosenberg on Tuesday. However, the statement turned a bit murky, as Bryan started off seemingly talking in a non-storyline fashion, but he then connected the topic to his ongoing television storyline with Shane McMahon.

"We're still at the 'No, you're not wrestling again' part of that conversation, BUT... I have presented them with my case, which is a lot of testing and all that kind of stuff which shows, 'hey, I'm fine'.

And so, uh, it's interesting. It's an interesting situation. But that has also caused a little rift between me and the commissioner, Shane McMahon, who is Vince McMahon's son, because there's like, I don't know, there's all this stuff going on. We work together really well, but we also have some beef."

All reports have indicated that WWE remains against Bryan returning to the ring, despite his receiving clearance from non-WWE doctors. The issue is his concussion history and subsequent reported damage to his brain, especially given the fact that WWE has had lawsuits in recent years from former performers due to concussions suffered while working for the company causing possible long term side effects.

However, Bryan continues to receive treatment which he (and other doctors) have claimed has healed his earlier brain injuries, so much so that Brie Bella is even on board with his returning to in-ring action. It's widely expected that if WWE does not allow him to return to the ring, he will do so next fall when he WWE contract expires with either Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling.

It's interesting that Bryan related his current status of not being cleared to return to the ring by WWE to his on-going storyline with Shane McMahon. There is clearly groundwork being laid for him to wrestle Shane in a match down the road should WWE decide to go that route.


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