Daniel Bryan Returns to WWE SmackDown Live

Daniel Bryan returned to WWE SmackDown Live tonight with a lot on his mind. But before getting anything off his chest or letting the competitors of Sunday's Money in the Bank Women's Ladder Match air their grievances, he let cooler heads prevail, saying he wanted to "hear everybody out."

... Or rather, he let the newly crowned "Ms Money in the Bank" and her heel valet (and "friend who is a guy") James Ellsworth address the crowd first.

Ellsworth began by shouting the crowd into silence, somehow overcoming the chorus of boos. After first addressing the widespread social media controversy surrounding the outcome of Sunday's Money In the Bank Women's Ladder Match, Carmella cut to her point "Who Cares?" claiming that she "won the match fair and square" (she didn't) and that she earned the prized contract (she hadn't).

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Carmella did have a couple valid points... that she's waited for her turn in the spotlight, ever since being last picked in the brand split draft almost a year ago. And after all it was a no disqualification match. What harm is there in breaking the rules when there are none?

Next we saw the returned GM Daniel Bryan in a brief backstage segment with Charlotte. He expressed concern about her neck, but Charlotte said it was time for him to act, and do the right thing.

Following the first match of the night, we cut to another backstage spot, this time with Bryan hearing out Natalya and Tamina. It went almost exactly the same as the previous segment with Charlotte, aside from Natalya wisheing Bryan a happy father's day and tells him she knows how he feels because of her cats. The spot concluded with the GM promising he'd make an official decision soon, and making a not so convincing "phone call" to SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon.

Another segment starts the second hour of the show, this time with an emotionally distraught Becky Lynch airing her frustrations to Bryan, following a show of sympathy from fellow underdog MITB ladder match loser Sami Zayn.


More on this story as it develops, but we're certainly in store for some big announcements. In the meantime, new dad Daniel Bryan doesn't seem like he's been getting much sleep lately...

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