Daniel Bryan Publically Questions WWE's MITB Decision

In an interview with The Wrap, Daniel Bryan discussed WWE's latest controversy. Last night, a man won the first ever Women's Money in the Bank match.

The counter-intuitive decision had Bryan and the rest of Twitter red hot. Bryan was so annoyed that he felt it was necessary to expand in his interview.

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"Brie and I were watching it from home, and I actually would have no problem with it — and I don't think anyone else would have a problem with it — if it was the third Women's 'Money in the Bank' [Ladder] Match of all-time,"

Bryan continued:

"I only know what vaguely I saw on social media. I saw a lot of women upset that it was like, 'Hey, you made a big deal about this being like this big women's-empowering thing, and then a man climbs the ladder to do it,' right? And so, when I watched it, not knowing that that was going to be the thing, I watched it thinking, 'Oh, I bet some people are gonna be upset by this.'"

And he was right. Twitter went into flames over the decision, even current WWE superstars shared their opinions.

The biggest question is if WWE consciously made the decision to troll the entire women's race or if it was just an absent-minded goof. It's too early to make that judgment, but one thing is clear: people are upset. Most planned for a commemorative moment for the victorious female superstar. Instead, we got James Ellsworth handing the briefcase to Carmella.

Since this topic has gotten so much attention, look for WWE to exploit it tomorrow on SmackDown. Bryan will be making his return after a 2-month hiatus. It looks like this Ellsworth issue may be the first item on his docket as GM.

It would be hard to see WWE reversing anything, but there's lightning here. With such a hot angle, it's conceivable to think that WWE may alter the course a bit and place Carmella's title of Ms. Money in the Bank in jeopardy.


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