Corey Graves Goes on Twitter Rant Following CM Punk's UFC 225 Loss

CM Punk was defeated once again inside the UFC octagon on Saturday night, losing to Mike Jackson (1-1) via unanimous decision.

While many fans and wrestlers offered Punk words of encouragement after the fight, WWE commentator Corey Graves had a much different reaction. The WWE personality let loose a number of tweets calling out Punk for what he claims was "abandoning everybody."

"Maybe abandoning everybody who stood by your side, even when we weren't supposed to, only to have you turn your back on us wasn't the right move after all? No anger. Only sadness," Graves wrote shortly after the fight ended.

"Awww. Seems the 'fans' are disappointed," Graves wrote, irked by the reaction his first tweet received. "Maybe you guys should know that 'That Dude' held my first son before I did because I was on tour and I trusted him. I had dinner with him the week after he quit."

"The first rule of 'punk rock' is loyalty, and this guy betrayed it all. I still love you, 'friend' and I'm sorry you got lost," Graves continued.

Then in a surprising turn, Graves deliberately tagged both Vince McMahon and Triple H in his next tweet.

"Don't worry, hey @VinceMcMahon this has nothing to do with you. You either @TripleH. This isn't corporate. This is real life. Calm down internerds," Graves wrote.


Punk left the WWE in 2014 in what he later claimed were a number of grievances, including what he claimed was the WWE medical team not properly treating him for a number of ailments. He signed a multi-fight deal with UFC in December of that year.