CM Punk Attempting Professional Wrestling Comeback (Kind Of)

Ever since his sudden departure from WWE in early 2014, CM Punk's return to professional wrestling has been a waking dilemma for most wrestling fans. The "will he or won't he" melodrama keep an incessant pace despite there not being a single hint from Punk himself.

However, as much as Punk may like to pretend he's not interested in a WWE comeback, he still feels the call of professional wrestling.

PWInsider reported that Punk screen tested for a lead role in a Starz professional wrestling drama called "Heels." The 8-episode series entails a plot centered around 2 brothers that happen to be professional wrestlers who have recently lost their father. One of the brothers works as a babyface and the other a heel.

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Naturally, Punk tried out for the heel brother "Jack Spade." But don't get too excited to see Punk back in (fictional) wrestling ring; according to PWInsider "Heels" has been put on hold after several months of casting. Reportedly the producers are hoping to land Henry Cavill and Jack Reynor in the lead roles.

The project was introduced last February and has been stalled several times since.

For Punk the 38-year old looks to be testing all options. As his career un UFC has only produced moral victories, it seems that his return to professional wrestling is imminent. We just don't know where or how.

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It's not news to say CM Punk and WWE are at odds. Each side has contributed a litany of transgressions against the other, with both Punk and WWE swearing that the other side is at fault. Egos have been cracked, feelings have been hurt, and attorneys have been called. It's a mess. But, wrestlers with worse histories have made their prodigal return to WWE soil.

Even further, the actual institution of WWE has apparently loosened its stance on Punk's potential return. Maybe The Rock calling him from RAW's ring wasn't so spontaneous, after all. Most believe that Punk will make his return when he's ready. For WWE, they love a good return, so when Punk comes to them, they'll be ready to hug.