Chris Jericho Proves WCW's Worth

He may be off of WWE television, but Chris Jericho is making sure he stays on our minds. Today, the future Hall of Famer posted a picture of an old check from one of his earliest employer's WCW.

Given what history has told us of WCW, this makes for a good laugh.

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"So my niece @makaylawheeldon was cleaning up some stuff in my house and found this #WCW cheque from the year 2000 for...15 CENTS! Might I remind you that a stamp cost 33 cents at the it cost double what the check was worth to mail it. No wonder #WordChampionshipWrestling went out of business! #bigmoneyplayer"

Jericho has always been transparent on his feelings of working in WCW. Originally brought in as a Cruiserweight, Jericho had a tough time gaining traction on a roster that featured old legends from WWE (Hogan, Savage, Hall, Nash). Things would only get worse from there as the company couldn't stop making poor booking decisions and would eventually peter out by 2001. Ironically enough, WCW was so imposing that they once were on the fringe of putting WWE out of business.

But when you mail a check that's not even worth the stamp on the envelope, well, that's just a sign of a bad business.

Jericho jettisoned WCW for WWE in 1999 and never looked back. He left just in time as WCW had positioned itself for one of the fastest collapses in the history of modern business.

The horror stories of WCW's ineptitude are worth a Google, but most of stemmed from poor leadership. By they year 2000, the time Jericho's check was issued, WCW had become a disgrace to wrestling.


WCW has become a cautionary tale of being careful of who you hire and fire. For Jericho, things turned out OK. He carved his way into many fan's Top 10 Wrestler's of all times, or at least this ones. Chances are we'll be seeing him back on WWE cameras sooner than later, so make sure you don't miss….IT.

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