Chris Jericho Says Roman Reigns May Be Best Wrestler in WWE

Despite the continued mixed reactions from wrestling fans, Roman Reigns seems to garner universal praise from his fellow performers. In a new interview with Sports Illustrated, you can add Chris Jericho to that growing list of admirers.

When talking about Reigns and his mixed reactions from the crowd, Jericho explained that Reigns may be the best wrestler in the company.

"I mean, obviously there becomes a point where you want to steer people in the right direction. And, for whatever reason, it's the 'cool' thing to boo Roman Reigns just as it was the 'cool' thing to boo John Cena, as it was the 'cool' thing to boo The Rock. But guess what; those guys are so good, that if you are a wrestling fan, Roman Reigns might be the best wrestler in the company. I'm telling you that because if people are interested in what you are doing, whether they're booing or whether they're cheering, they're still going to pay money to see you," said Jericho.

Jericho is clearly judging Reigns from a crowd perspective. Other wrestlers in the past have complimented him as an in ring performer, most notably AJ Styles who called Reigns underrated in the ring.

Jericho makes an interesting point here, though. No matter what you say about Roman Reigns, the man garners a reaction from a crowd. And isn't that what wrestling is all about?

Additionally, Reigns has shown to be of supreme interest in venues where we can objectively measure his impact. For example, independent analysis shows that Reigns is often the subject of the most YouTube views in the company. So the boo's that Reigns receives from the crowd aren't just rejection, that reaction translates into interest.

Others would continue to argue Reigns simply doesn't draw money for WWE. These supporters also have some data to back up their claims. For example, one could point to declining television ratings and live attendance during the period where Reigns has been pushed to the top of the card.

These arguments aren't so cut and dry though, and it's difficult to pin these declines solely on one superstar. Can we objectively say Reigns is the reason for television and attendance declines? Or would that have happened over the last couple of years anyway?

Certainly WWE's skyrocketing ticket prices at a time where ratings are dipping could be a reason for slipping attendance. The highest tiered ticket prices for live events in 2017 is close to double what the company charged earlier in the decade. As evidence, WWE held a house show in Cedar Falls, Iowa six years ago where the top ticket price was $60. They return this Sunday with a top priced ticket costing the fans $108.

WWE is clearly trying to capitalize on the remaining fans who haven't tuned out by jacking up prices. This way, the company can still make a similar profit with smaller audiences in attendance.


Roman Reigns will continue to be a hot and divisive topic in the wrestling world. When it comes to looking at venues where one can legitimately measure his impact though (crowd response, YouTube views), Reigns is clearly drawing some interest. In that sense, you really can't argue with Chris Jericho's declaration.