Chris Jericho Live Tweets, Vlogs and Finds Some 'Stupid Idiots' During Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma has taken possession of the Carribean and much of Florida for nearly a week. While the damage in America is significantly less than the devastation Carribean jewel St. Martin endured, many Americans woke up Monday morning to flooding and wind damage. Even further, it's believed that nearly 6.5 million Americans are still without electricity.

WWE Superstar, Chris Jericho has a residence in Florida and made sure to document his entire experience with Irma. While Tampa was one of the more fortunate cities to escape catastrophic damages, it was never certain that they'd be spared.

Jericho shared video and tweets for nearly 24-connective hours during his experience with historical Hurricane.

Chris Jericho's positive disposition was taken as disrespect by some of his followers who thought Jericho was not actually in the Hurricane's path.

Here's Jericho trying to keep the good vibes going in hopes of turning Irma from a raging hurricane into a more agreeable tropical storm.

Things got a little shaky for Jericho late last night when the storm get serious.

Jericho took his followers through his backyard as he assessed the damage.


Y2J is certainly one of the luckier residents of Florida. However even though places like Tampa avoided the initial damage of the Hurrican, there's still a risk for the surge. For now, it looks like Jericho and his neighbors dodged a bullet.

To those that have suffered repeal damage we wish you the best the path to recovery.