Charlotte Flair Wants to Be a 'Paul Heyman Girl'

For WWE Superstars, being a "Paul Heyman Guy" is almost as good as being a Champion. Big Show, Cesaro, CM Punk, a young Steve Austin, and of course, Brock Lesnar have all had their career's launched thanks to the Advocate. But what if WWE had a "Paul Heyman Girl?"

As far as Charlotte Flair is concerned adding the services of Paul Heyman to her already rich character is an attractive idea. She gave a glance at her and Heyman's relationship when she joined Sirius Busted Open Radio.

"I would love Paul to manage me. At Wrestlemania 32, when I was so nervous and had so much other pressure on me, it was Paul who said, 'go out there and prove to them why you're the center of that poster," she remembered.

Paul Heyman and Charlotte could be a lethal combination. Heyman's contributions to wrestling are well understood and the same type of appreciation is growing for Charlotte. With her peers Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch all still in phase one, Charlotte has not only surpassed them, she's nearly in another world.

Charlotte has already passed the first stage of WWE Superstardom - create a solid character. Now she's been given the challenge of rounding out her persona as babyface on SmackDown. In short, WWE is experimenting. Chances are, Charlotte will remain heel for the entirety of her career. Look at her father, who in 40 years of wrestling only had a few fleeting babyface moments. Even though Charlotte will likely follow suit, this new task can't hurt.

Charlotte trying her chops at baby facing is like when LeBron James decided to work on his post-up offense. Will it change their respective worlds? No, but it will make them much more effective down the road.

The best part about Charlotte being a "good girl" is that she'll once again be bad. Just wait for the moment she turns on Becky Lynch, we'll all remember how much we love to hate her. For about two consecutive years, Charlotte has unconditionally lead the women's division. With that kind of rapid success, what will she look like in 5 years?


Charlotte is already the rumored favorite for her match against SmackDown Women's Champion at Hell in a Cell. From there, it looks like WWE is ready to send her to the next level of Superstardom. For the next decade, it looks like Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair will be the king and queen of WWE.