Charlotte Flair Loses Teeth at WWE Live Event in Germany

It's been a rough week for Charlotte Flair.

On Wednesday PWInsider reported that the five-time WWE Women's Champion would need surgery after WWE's current European tour to replace a ruptured breast implant.

Then on Thursday night news broke that Flair lost some of her teeth during said European tour at a live event in Oberhausen, Germany. According to Cageside Seats, Flair was in an undercard match with Carmella when the injury took place.

A fan at ringside attempted to take a selfie with Flair after the match, but she said she couldn't as she covered her mouth.

"I can't take a pic, I lost my teeth!" Flair said. Luckily she seemed to be in good spirits about the situation.

The two injuries come just days after Flair was unable to win back her SmackDown Women's Championship at the Backlash pay-per-view. "The Queen" held onto the title for nearly five months, including a successful defense against the then-unbeaten Asuka at WrestleMania 34 in April, before dropping it two nights later when Carmella cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase on an episode of SmackDown Live.

Flair called for her rematch to be at Backlash, and came out on the losing end after failing to hit a moonsault, hurting her knee in the process and getting rolled up by Carmella for a quick pin.

She managed to get a bit of momentum back on Tuesday by beating Peyton Royce for a spot in the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match. So far she's the only woman from SmackDown to qualify for the 8-woman match, joining Monday Night Raw's Ember Moon.

No word yet on if the implant surgery could jeopardize her spot in the match.

Elsewhere in the world of women's wrestling, former Women's Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Lita (real name Amy Dumas) made waves on social media when she spoke out against WWE's stance on not letting women compete at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia last month.


"I understand that they are a business, a global business, and always looking to expand their global presence," Lita said in an interview with WrestleZone on Wednesday. "However, I do feel it's a direct conflict of interest with them maintaining any integrity or truth to the fact that they say they would like to push forward women and their roles and their representation in the industry as anything remotely resembling an equal to a male."

"Make the money, that's fine, but don't try to cover it up and be like, 'No, we are doing this because we would like to in the future be able to help progress their culture forward!' No, you wanted the money and that's fine," she continued. "You're a business and businesses make money. That's okay. From your perspective over there, I don't own your business, so that's ok. But, from a PR perspective, don't try to be like 'We're doing it because we want to help progress that culture forward.' No, it's a direct conflict of interest, in my opinion."