Charlotte Flair Undergoes Successful Dental Surgery, Breast Operation Yet to Come

To say it's been a rough week for Charlotte Flair would be an understatement.

Flair recently suffered a ruptured breast implant and then on this week's WWE European tour, she had her teeth broken in a match with Carmella. The injury happened during a show in Germany on Thursday night.

Flair flew back to the United States over the last 24 hours to have her teeth repaired and provided an update via Instagram. The surgery was done at Cosmetic Dentisty of the Carolinas in the Charlotte, NC region.

While Flair did have to be pulled from the European tour early to undergo the surgery, she actually was always intended to leave the tour early (though not this early). Flair has been booked to take part in a Fireside Chat at Needham & Company's 2018 Emerging Technology Conference in New York City this coming Tuesday afternoon. Therefore, she would have left early to make that appearance anyway, so don't expect to see her on this week's edition of SmackDown which takes place in London.

Flair has yet to undergo surgery for the ruptured breast implant, which was reportedly suffered prior to WrestleMania. It's not known whether she will have that surgery before or after Money in the Bank, which takes place June 17th in Chicago.

When she does eventually have the surgery on the damaged implant, Flair will reportedly be out for a few weeks. Therefore, if she were to have the surgery prior to Money in the Bank, that decision would need to be made relatively soon.

The trials and tribulations that Charlotte has now undergone over the last couple weeks seem to closely mirror the kind of year she has had, and will continue to have, throughout 2018. While she has always been the top dog when it comes to the WWE women's division, 2018 looks to be a year where Charlotte will need to work her way back up the ladder to regain her crown.


It will be interesting and a change of pace to see Charlotte having to regain her former glory as she climbs her way back up to the top of the division, perhaps starting at Money in the Bank. For someone that's always been on top of the women's division going back several years to her time in NXT, this is something entirely new which should be interesting to watch unfold. The story should culminate in a match with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34.