Why Brock Lesnar Will Win the Royal Rumble

Before you light your torches, I am well aware that Brock Lesnar is the current Universal Champion, thereby disqualifying him from entering the Royal Rumble. However, this premise is predicated on him losing his big red belt. Specifically, this idea is wholly dependent upon Braun Strowman becoming Universal Champion at the Royal Rumble.

While you may think that this is just a cheap attempt to drum up conversation there's one point that cannot be made enough: Braun Strowman is ready to launch. The monster Among Men represents everything that has ever been right about professional wrestling. To put it simply, he is a spectacle, and in WWE, such creatures make a lot of money. But not only is Strowman the sideshow attraction Vince McMahon has been praying for but in less than a year, Strowman benefited from one of more organic rises in recent WWE history.

And it's time he's Champion.

Strowman sniffed the Universal Championship at September's No Mercy, but he and Lesnar's match was overshadowed by John Cena and Roman Reigns' torch passing ceremony. Even worse, Lesnar put down Strowman with just one F-5. This was a bad thing.

I mean, could you imagine how much damage would have been done to Cyclop's reputation if he was pinned after just a single finisher? Sad!

However WWE has the chance to learn to form their mistakes, and the Royal Rumble marks the perfect time to atone for their sins. Even more, WWE has an easy way to facilitate this. With Kane involved in the match, he makes for the perfect pinning candidate. Strowman pins Kane and Lesnar loses his title, then loses his mind.

Hell-bent on revenge, Lesnar enters the Royal Rumble. Still sweating and still pink, the Beast Incarnate puts his forte on display: he breaks things.

In a storm, Lesnar suplexes wrestler after wrestler out of the ring en route to becoming the most violent Royal Rumble winner of all time. He climbs to ropes like an albino gorilla and points to the WrestleMania banner, hell, he can even cut a rare promo, sentencing Strowman to death for becoming champion without having actually having pinned him.

Now it may look like we have our WrestleMania 34 main event set, but we wouldn't. We all know that WWE wants Roman in that match, and they can have him win at Elimination Chamber, or a sack race, or musical chairs to punch his 'Mania ticket, I don't care.

Now, I get that all of this seems unlikely. We're all but guaranteed to get Lesnar vs. Reigns in New Orleans, with the Big Dog getting yet another big moment. So sure, I've crafted a fantasy of sorts but it's one I happen to believe in.

Regardless of how you may feel about Brock Lesnar, you cannot deny his drawing power - just listen to the crowd's reaction to his entrance. However, WWE has gotten complacent with Lesnar's booking, thus creating an environment that breeds resentment. Too often does WWE stick Lesnar is the same cycle consisting of Paul Heyman filibusters, Lesnar's PG-13 one-liners, and a heavily produced an interview that air just before his pay-per-view match. However, his feud with Goldberg showed us that Brock is willing to sacrifice his status to create a bigger match.


While Reigns vs. Lesnar is certainly a big match, it's definitely not WWE's biggest match. Right now, there are 4 Superstars who are vital to WWE's future (Lesnar, Cena, Reigns, Strowman). While Cena and Lesnar are soon to be gone, their role is to help pull Strowman and Reigns into a new stratosphere of stardom.

And that process begins at the Royal Rumble.