WWE's Disappointing Game Plan For Brock Lesnar and the Royal Rumble

Brock Lesnar's next match will be at January 28th's Royal Rumble and at this moment, there's not a challenger in sight for his Universal Championship. And WWE may keep it that way.

In a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE may be considering a non-title match for the Beast Incarnate at the Philadelphia event. This is due to the fact that WWE believes the likes of Finn Balor and Samoa Joe aren't quite ready for such a premium spot on the card. Even more, Vince McMahon is reportedly not keen on using Braun Strowman either, in the name of saving that match for a later date.

So, to WWE, it may be better punt Lesnar's title match away rather than pit him against a middling Superstar. While this philosophy is certainly debate, it's just as easily understood. As WWE builds for WrestleMania, they'll be looking to make a splash in in order to garner the intrigue for their more casual fans. This means that Lesnar will need to be attached to a marketable name, and as fun and Finn Balor's Demon is, it may not be as recognizable as his supporters believe.

From our perspective, John Cena is a name that seems to fit in this spot. Even more, WWE could still employ the Universal Championship stakes, too. But Cena's schedule could be an issue, that and WWE may already have significant plans for the 16-time WWE Champion.


We'll hope that WWE figures out an opponent for Lesnar to defend his big red belt against. To think that WWE's top title wouldn't be up for grabs at one of the biggest shows in wrestling would be a poor usage of weapons. Even if Lesnar and WWE had to settle for Balor or Joe, it could still be an opportunity not only to make Lesnar look strong, but to possibly slingshot a mid-carder to the main event.