Watch: Brock Lesnar Pummels Braun Strowman With Real Punches

While many of us were still wiping our eyes from Shinsuke Nakamura's Rumble victory we may have missed one of the most brutal matches in recent WWE history.

The Universal Championship match between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, and Kane may as well have been on National Geographic. The trio of monsters routinely delivered punishing offense, but nothing compares to the exchange between Lesnar and Strowman.

A wise man once said, "don't poke the bear," but that mage should have told Braun Strowman to never knee the Beast Incarnate in the head. For some reason, Strowman sent a very firm knee into Lesnar's skull and within an instant, Lesnar had already turned purple. He then sent a punch with UFC roots to Strowman's ribs. Then came the kill shot. Lesnar fired a knockout blow into the side of Strowman's skull. It would have killed most mortals.

Here's the footage:

And for the sadists out there here's Lesnar's haymaker in slow motion.


But this real-life version of Rampage was just getting started. With the help of tables, each man in the match was on the giving and receiving ends of spine-jarring slams.

And if you like dropkicks charged with unprecedented amounts of power here's this: