Bray Wyatt Reveals a Custom WWE Championship Belt

Despite being such an integral part of WWE, Bray Wyatt has only won two different championships since debuting in 2012. However, The Eater of Worlds decided that he no longer wants to wait for WWE's permission to hold a title, so, like the Million Dollar Man, he just made his own.

Bray upload several images to his Twitter account where he showed off his new championship belt. Essentially it looks like a Universal Championship that was left in the woods for a few months, but that may actually be the point.

We have to admire Bray for his choice to make his own belt. Ever since losing his WWE Championship to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33, Bray hasn't sniffed WWE gold. Instead, he's been involved in House of Horrors matches, pretending to be Sister Abigail, and been named an honorary member of 205 Live. The point is, that Bray may not see himself in a title picture for quite some time, so, why not create your own belt?

Despite clearly being proud of his creation, it's unlikely we'll ever see the brown belt on WWE television, mostly because, well, it's worthless. However, if more people simply decide they want Bray's tootsie roll title, well it may appreciate. And if bitcoin has taught us anything, its that if enough people believe something has value then it's inherently valuable. Or something.


Anyway, congrats to Bray and his autonomy!