Bray Wyatt and Several Others' Illness Could Affect TLC on Sunday

While Sister Abigail has been around for RAW lately, Bray Wyatt hasn't. Neither has his brother Bo Dallas or girlfriend JoJo Offerman. However, unlike other Superstars, their absence isn't due to protests or hurt feelings.

They're sick.

Having missed multiple RAW shows, word came out that the trio all have viral meningitis. Bray, JoJo, and Bo have all been essentially quarantined as they have been asked to stay at home according to PWInsider.

Viral meningitis usually takes about 7-10 days to get rid of but it's most certainly contagious. WWE seems to have taken preventative measure to contain the illness but it may have already begun to spread. For Bray and possibly other, their fight to get healthy may impact this Sunday' TLC.

Pro Wrestling Votes, the Twitter account form above, seems to have a reliable source withing WWWE at the moment. They broke the news of Neville's dramatic exit from WWE as well as Nia Jax's temporary departure.

Seeing that Wyatt ha missed back-to-back RAWs, we could guess that he'll be free of his illness come Sunday, but we're just speculating at this point. It's a tricky situation as wrestlers traditionally work through injuries and illness on a routine basis. But since viral meningitis is contagious, having Bray in the building on Sunday could turn the WWE locker room into a cesspool.

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We'll know more in the coming days, but it may be best if Bray misses Sunday. On top of keeping the roster healthy, Bray and Finn Balor are currently embroiled in one of the worst feuds in recent WWE memory.

Sister Abigail vs. The Demon while compelling in concept has been botched in terms of execution. Bray's long-anticipated usage of the Sister Abigail persona has fallen flat with the WWE universe, to put it lightly. Even worse the stench from Abigail's silliness is permeating Balor's Demon.

WWE has made it a point to preserve both of these characters but on Sunday, one of them will be losing. WWE has booked themselves into an unfortunate corner here, and Bray's illness may be a blessing in disguise.