Braun Strowman Scores An Impressive Victory Over Big Show

The battle of the behemoths exceede the hype tonight on RAW. Two of what will likely go down as the best big men in WWE history met in a reinforced ring and it was the young bull, Braun Strowman who overcame the 20 year veteran, Big Show.

Despite being handled for the majority of the match, the World's Largest Athlete mounted a comeback when he executed an impressive suplex on Strowman followed by his signature choke slam. The Monster Among Men was able to kick out of the choke slam as well as Show's knock out punch finisher.

Then, in an amazing feat of strength, Strowman lifted Big Show up for not one, but two of his running power slam finishers.

The fact that it took two slams by Strowman to keep the Big Show down for the three count, leaves Show looking strong heading into his Wrestlemania showdown with Shaquille O'Neal.

After the match Roman Reigns came out to challenge his Fastlane opponent, but Strowman also made quick work of the former Shield member.


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