Watch: Sexual Tension Between Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss Reaches Combustible Levels

In real life, opposites attract. But in WWE, opposites make babies.A few weeks ago, Braun Strowman [...]

In real life, opposites attract. But in WWE, opposites make babies.

A few weeks ago, Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss teased some romantic chemistry during their Mixed Match Challenge contest. Because no one watches the show, their tension flew under the radar. However, the teammates just left the land of subtlety and things seem destined to get physical.

On the most recent edition of MMC, Bliss and Strowman caught themselves in a gravitational pull that would have ended in a kiss. They snapped out of it, but in their post-match interview, they tried again.

However, right at the moment of fruition, a "fan" ran in to demand Bliss' autograph, further delaying the love explosion.

WWE has never been the place for discreet action, and it looks like these two could be in for a serious romance storyline in the near future. Here's a clip of a compromising moment in their latest contest:

These lustful moments are officially no longer anomalies, as this happened just a few weeks ago:

We have no idea where this is going. Does their budding romance only live on Mixed Match Challenge nights? Or will it seep into Monday Night RAW segments? We don't know—we only want more of it.

Both Bliss and Strowman are fully capable of pulling off a love angle. It's apparent that WWE trusts them both as they routinely get their own segments on RAW on a consistent basis. Even more, tossing them into a flirty storyline is a good way to see how much range each of them have. Who knows, maybe this all leads to a WWE Studios romcom.

In real life, Bliss is engaged to recent 205 Live arrivals, Buddy Murphy. We can't speak on Braun's romantic history but we'll guess Bliss would be an upgrade, despite the fact she's a well documented, two-faced, backstabbing succubus.