Budding Romance Between Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss?

The eons of time have long established that opposites attract. But some juxtapositions are so striking that we have to stop and ask questions. And Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss falling in love is one of those instances.

While it’s technically called Mixed Match Challenge, the show that aired after SmackDown should have been named Late Night Love Lounge, because we’re pretty sure Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman almost dry-humped.

This came after Bliss fell into The Monster Among Men’s arms like a Disney Princess and the two WWE Superstars caught themselves gazing into each other’s auras. It was palpably sexual.

Maybe we’re exaggerating, but this is great.

Their extra chemistry was so visible that they were asked about the tender moment in their post-match interview. But, they chose to downplay their instance of infatuation.

We have no idea where this is going. Does their budding romance only live on Mixed Match Challenge nights? Or will it seep into Monday Night RAW segments? We don’t know—we only want more of it.

Both Bliss and Strowman are fully capable of pulling off a love angle. It's apparent that WWE trusts them both as they routinely get their own segments on RAW on a consistent basis. Even more, tossing them into a flirty storyline is a good way to see how much range each of them have. Who knows, maybe this all leads to a WWE Studios romcom.


In real life, Bliss is engaged to recent 205 Live arrival, Buddy Murphy. Last we heard on Strowman, he was dating a North Carolina cow Bermuda, but they haven't been active on social media for some time.

Stay tuned WWE, Universe—this is going to be hilarious.