WWE Rumor: Bobby Roode on Cusp of Turning Heel

Everyone on planet earth may be interesting as a heel. But Bobby Roode definitely is.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Roode may be on track for a much-needed heel turn. Keen eyes notice that Roode's antics during his RAW match with Braun Strowman may have tipped WWE's hand. Roode routinely taunted The Monster Among Men, only to tuck tail and try to run away when it was time for his punishment.

Right now, consider Roode's turn speculative. His new behavior is worth keeping an eye and the 41-year old could be a full-time villain by the end of Money in the Bank.

Like so many others, Roode's graduation from NXT has to lead to a stagnant chapter on WWE's main roster. Even more, his promotion came with a big change of character. Roode becomes one of NXT's hottest acts as a heel. However, upon arriving at SmackDown, Roode was playing a good guy. Roode has maintained this character for nearly a year with fleeting success. While he did earn a turn with the US Championship, WWE quickly revoked the privilege in favor of Randy Orton at Fastlane.

The Superstar Shake-Up saw Roode jump to RAW, but his problems followed him to Mondays. Simply put, Roode is better as a heel. Hopefully, he'll get a chance to remind us all of that in the near future.


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