Big Show Gets Brutally Honest About WWE's Creative Process

After wrestling for over 20 years in the most successful promotions the world has ever witnessed, Big Show has seen it all. But when it comes to WWE's creative philosophies, he may have seen enough.

Due to a hip surgery, Big Show has been out of action for several months. But that doesn't mean he's checked out of WWE. He appeared on a recent episode of Talk is Jericho, where he opened up about the deficiencies in WWE's creative process.

"Year ago they were worried about four months from now, now they're worried about TV every day and trying to be like this needs to be done today and two weeks later they forget about what they did which makes it tough now — it's hard," he said.

From what Big Show is saying it sounds like there is a disconnect between WWE's long a short-term plans. To a veteran like Show, this poor communication makes his job (helping young talent) a lot harder.

"Because you get stuck with these responsibilities like helping these young guys out and you're like — I forget that the excuse was but it wasn't formatted to what they wanted to do that show I was like, 'Jesus we're shooting ourselves in the foot here man,'" he explained.

Big Show would continue to expand on WWE's lack of continuity. According to him, WWE is constantly trying to get from Point A to Point B, but they rarely have the path between points mapped out.

"There's a right way to do things and sometimes it's inconvenient but sometimes you've gotta be like you've got twenty so odd writers who work very hard they're trying to put a show together that works. They've gotta feature this, this, and this guy or whoever's on the agenda and sometime's there are no bridges," he said.

Big Show would go on to reiterate that WWE is about story, not style. He thinks that too much has been placed on wrestler's offensive arsenal instead of their ability to connect with fans via storytelling.


He's not wrong either. While WWE is bigger than ever, it has lost touch with some of the finer points of professional wrestling. Even though they're in a ring and mostly naked, WWE Superstars are more like actors in a play rather than athletes. Big Show is all too aware of this and has officially made his plea for WWE to get back to basics.

[H/T StillRealToUs for transcription]