Big Cass Reportedly Fired Over Backstage Incident With Carmella

Since being released by WWE, Big Cass has seen his character put under the microscope. WWE's decision is rumored to be fueled by several incidents, but a new report cites a backstage altercation with ex-girlfriend Carmella being Cass' ultimate offense. was told by a source within WWE that Cass recently approached Carmella at work in hopes of reconciling their relationship. The story goes that Carmella walked away, but Cass grabbed her by the arm to prevent the exit. The Usos and Erik Rowan reportedly stepped in to keep things from escalating further.

Per the report, Vince McMahon fired Cass soon after he heard about the incident.

Cass' sudden exit from WWE left plenty of room for theories. Just two days after the best performance of his life, WWE cut him loose. This incongruent action hinted at there being more to the story. Whether or not this alleged confrontation behind WWE's curtain is the smoking gun, remains to be seen.

While anecdotes of Cass being an obnoxious drunk and bus bathroom destroyer are not exactly great, they aren't fire-able offenses, either. However, Cass getting physical with Carmella certainly would be.

As a public traded company who is trying to take over American entertainment, WWE is in the business of maintaining a wholesome image. Anything that even looks remotely close to abuse will be met with a swift decision. Look no further than Enzo Amore.

The claims against Amore were startling, to say the least, but proven to be exaggerated if not wholly untrue. Yet, Amore is still likely to never return to WWE.

Cass and Carmella were together for several years—dating back to their time in NXT. However, in January news broke of their split. By all indications, it was Carmella's decision. In an episode of Total Divas, she cited Cass' reluctance to marry her as her chief reason to leave the relationship. The SmackDown Women's Champion also mentioned that Cass' negativity—he was still injured at the time—had impacted the relationship. It's worth noting that this was said on Total Divas, not a courtroom, so take that as you will.


Neither has said much about their split, but Carmella did post this message to Instagram to take the breakup public.

"This weeks episode of #totaldivas is bittersweet for me. Moving, injuries, tears and more! There's no rule book for this type of lifestyle, so I'm just trying to learn as I go! Cass will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤️ Plus, he's going to make one hell of a comeback! 👊🏽"