Details on Why WWE Released Big Cass

Considering Big Cass just had the match of his career at Money in the Bank, his release came as quite the shock. However, Cass' sudden exit stems from a list of infractions rather than an isolated incident.

According to Sports Illustrated, Cass' release is rooted in issues with personal conduct. Cass's attitude became a persistent problem, particularly when drinking. SI notes that Cass had a few regrettable public displays of drunkenness during WWE's recent European Tour.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter writes that Vince McMahon called a meeting with Cass before Tuesday's episode of SmackDown to fire him.

The specifics of Cass' situation are still muddy, but SI did point out that WWE officials were very pleased with his effort at MITB. Even more, Cass was well documented as one of McMahon's favorite projects. Given the amount of recent positivity surrounded Cass, it's evident that something else may have happened between MITB and SmackDown.


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