Update on Big Cass' Backstage Troubles

Big Cass may indeed still be in WWE's doghouse, but it looks like his opportunity with Daniel Bryan will not be revoked.

Last week, a report surfaced that Big Cass may have irked WWE brass by adding an extra flurry of punches to a little person portraying Daniel Bryan. The rumor appeared to be substantiated by Cass' anticlimactic loss at Backlash to Bryan and his absence from the following episode of SmackDown.

It seemed Cass' poor judgment had guaranteed a slide down WWE's card, but according to Cagesideseats, that's not the case. While Cass is still believed to be in hot water, WWE will move as scheduled with the Daniel Bryan feud. However this continuation isn't to give Cass a second chance, rather this allows WWE to build Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz is proper fashion.

It looks like this comes down to an issue of timing. Clearly, The Miz vs. Bryan is a story WWE has reserved for a bigger stage, possibly SummerSlam, and WWE simply isn't ready to begin its next chapter.

Despite not throwing a punch in years, The Miz an Daniel Bryan have created a combustible rivalry since the latter hung up his boots. The most incendiary spark came on an early episode of Talking Smack where Miz cut one of the more iconic promos in WWE history—directly into Bryan's face.

They've taken a few passive-aggressive shots in the interim most notably with The Miz stealing Bryan's "Yes kicks" during his matches. However, eyebrows raised at RAW 25 where the two Superstars went nose to nose on live TV. Things never got physical, but The Miz enjoyed mocking Bryan after the tense interaction.

So when Miz came to SmackDown in the Superstar Shake-Up, Bryan, like the WWE Universe couldn't hide his glee.

"How long have I waited to #PunchHisFace?!!!"

Never one to be shown up, The Miz fired back with heavy artillery.

"Be very careful punching my face. You might injure yourself and be out another 3 years. See ya tonight!"


There's still a strong chance WWE lets this rivalry simmer until WrestleMania 35. Regardless of when it happens, Bryan vs. Miz is one of WWE's best bullets.

For now, expect Bryan and Cass to keep things rolling, potentially into a Money in the Bank match. However, if WWE wants to, they can have them fight for a spot in the MITB ladder match and use that contest to end their feud.