Bayley Was Once Dumped over Her Love for Matt Hardy

Whether you're 10 or 50, you've likely had an unhealthy infatuation with a WWE Superstar. Typically, these crushes are harmless, but for Bayley, her obsession with Matt Hardy cost her a boyfriend.

WWE recently began a series called "Superstar Superfan" which hinges upon current Superstars revealing which wrestlers were the apple of their adoring eye as young wrestling fans. On her appearance, Bayley explained how her 15-year old self's affinity for Matt Hardy led to her getting dumped.

"Really embarrassing, I had a boyfriend at this time. That I met in like summer school and then this happened and I swear that's all I could talk about. 'He did this, and then he did this in his match, and he gave me a hug, look at all these pictures.' I was posting it all over like MySpace and stuff. I literally think the reason this guy broke up with me is because I couldn't stop talking about this. I don't know if he was jealous or if he was just like 'this chick is weird.' Maybe a combo of both but Matt Hardy ended my relationship. So, whatever man," she said.

Clearly this guy was not a fan of Swanton Bombs or ladder matches, and in reality, if he couldn't roll with Bayley loving Hardy, then he obviously wasn't the one for her. However, this serves as a cautionary tale for all of you in relationships out there. Keep in mind that your attraction to a WWE Superstar can be grounds for getting the boot.

Some spouses can't deal with the jealousy that Randy Orton's chiseled jawline creates or the spell that Sasha Bank's magenta hair can cast. So, if you're currently in love with a Superstar, try to express it in moderation, especially if you're married.


[H/T Cagesideseats]