Baron Corbin Keeps His Twitter Losing Streak Alive

Baron Corbin may want to shut down his Twitter account. It's proven to be unhealthy for him as he continues to instigate 140-word quarrels only to get verbally bludgeoned by whoever he targets. In short Baron, Corbin is the drunk guy at the bar who always wants to fight but has yet to ever win a bar room brawl (gotta admire his courage, though).

This week, Corbin has been owned by Finn Balor, Mojo Rawley, and Nikki Bella. But now instead of wrestlers, it's the actual wrestling media.

Earlier this week, internet wrestling lord, Dave Meltzer had some inflammatory comments about the Lone Wolf. Those critiques got back to Corbin, and just like our President, he thought he'd handle his grudges n Twitter:

Meltzer would make his first retort:

Now it's Corbin's turn to sling a little mud, typos included:

And then the trump card:

Somehow, both men are right, and both men are wrong. Corbin is right because, yes, Meltzer is not a wrestler and has never nor will never have a match in WWE. It's not an easy job to do - being mostly naked trying to emotionally appeal to fans all while looking imposing and doing your best to not get hurt. So a criticism from someone who has never done any of that seems unjust.

However, Meltzer is right because this is technically his job - the watch dog of wrestling. If he had only positive things to say, he'd be no different than typical WWE propaganda. By holding WWE and Corbin to high standards, that raises awareness, thus standards for the WWE product.


They're both wrong for taking Twitter war personally. But that's easy for us to say, as we're comfortably sitting behind our keyboard not having to defend any attacks.

The lesson? Corbin, stay off Twitter a bit, it's been a rough week. Meltzer, be nicer?