Did Paige and Asuka Just Start a Feud?

Last week on RAW, Paige enjoyed one of the more memorable returns in recent WWE memory. After a tumultuous year away from wrestling, fans shrieked with glee when the Anti Diva slid back onto WWE's stage. However, Paige returned with friends, leading the WWE Universe to question what exactly WWE plans to do with the red-hot Superstar.

Well, she may have just answered the question herself.

Over the weekend, RAW's second most recent addition, Asuka, decided to stir the proverbial pot upon Paige's big return.

Paige would respond in exactly 11 minutes.

Could WWE be heading in this direction? Considering they Paige and Asuka comprise the only interesting personalities left on the RAW women's division, Vince McMahon and Co. may have no other choice than to pit them against one another.

Since debuting, Asuka has painted her undefeated streak with authority. However, she has seemingly lost a little momentum as WWE has yet to give her clearly defined direction. With her being the last women standing at Survivor Series that indicates the WWE is keeping her warm for something bigger. That something may be Paige.


At this very moment, Paige may be the most enviable dancing partner in all of WWE. A program featuring her an Asuka could be dynamite but there is one caveat worth underlining: one of them would have to lose.

We'll get more into that wormhole if their feud becomes imminent, but for now, let's just have fun imagining that match. Expect and her new cronies, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to continue to wreak havoc on RAW tonight. Even more, maybe Asuka brings their reign of terror to a screeching halt.