Alberto Del Rio Beats Down A Ninja Turtle In Backstage Fight

When it comes to the Sid and Nancy of the wrestling world, the story is often even stranger than the headline. Alberto Del Rio beat up a ninja turtle who he thought was being a little too handsy with Paige. Not in a wrestling angle, but for real!

The Lucha Blog first reported that Del Rio & Paige were visiting the IWRG show at Arena Naucalpan just outside of Mexico City on Sunday night (Dec. 12). While in the locker room area, Del Rio allegedly got into a fight with a wrestler who works as Alan Xtreme, and as one of the Ninja Turtles faction, Rafy (there are apparently THREE NINJA TURTLE FACTIONS in Mexico because copyright law be damned). Sources are saying that the fight allegedly began when Alberto thought Rafy touched Paige. Unlike most wrestling brawls, this one spilled out into the ring area from backstage, where some fans saw it and took to social media.

Reports agree that Del Rio won what was a pretty one-sided fight with the much smaller wrestler. The ninja turtle took to Facebook to let fans know that he was fine after the altercation.

Playing into every tired stereotype in the book, Del Rio also played the jealous boyfriend when he missed Heroes Immortales X he missed Heroes Inmortales X due to getting into a street fight after someone disrespected Paige's honor.

Del Rio was fired from the WWE when he slapped a backstage employee. If only Del Rio had shown this much passion inside the ring, he may be still with the company today. Paige, on the other hand, finished her 30 day wellness violation last Friday and was rumored to be returning to the company in a role outside of the ring.

The tumultuous couple's relationship is currently being featured on Total Divas, which may be why the WWE is bothering to bring the former Divas champion back into the fold at all.

While we may not know what either Paige or Del Rio's WWE future holds, I think we should all take this time to focus on the fact that Mexico has THREE NINJA TURTLE factions while we are left with ZERO!


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